Friday, October 3, 2008

Bail-Out Waiting Game

The Bail-Out Waiting Game continues. The equity markets want to rally, and the knee-jerk reaction just might be a short lived(1 week if we're lucky) rally. A major benefit of the 700 billion pkg is to inspire confidence in the capital markets.

Unfortunately, all I heard all week was the dire warnings from Pres. Bush, and the other "leaders", threatening economic chaos, doom, and no other plan behind the bail out. "this cannot fail...", "we must get this done..." does not inspire confidence.

Here goes the vote - on the 700 Billion dollar bill + 100 billion in additional "pork spending".
Knowing that the risk exposure is 50 - 100 Trillion, depending on who you ask. This bail-out Bill is - much to little and way to late, but it might buy this administration a couple months at best.

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